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Monday, October 1, 2007

What's your price?

What's Your Price...
What's it Worth to you...
What will you do for it...

These are questions that at some point we must all ask ourselves,
How much will we give away or compromise to get what we want...
We all know that in life or death situations we are all capable of a lot of things,
And that is not where I am going,
I mean if you want something that you probably could live without if you didn't get it...
What would you do to get it just because you reallllllly want it...

I recall a woman I worked with in the mid-nineties,
She built hotels for a living,
I had been hired as a purchasing/marketing type and we worked together for a bit over a year,
We were in Hawaii and the hotel industry is dog-eat-dog,
I was on one of those new ventures so I was cool,
This was her life,
Her basic philosohy was, 'Everyone is a 'ho' for something, we all have a price,
I suspect she had made many compromises to get where she was and needed to feel better about her,
By believing we were all the same...
She and I were real cool,
But what she called my all-consuming spiritual calmness,
Sometimes annoyed her,
Usually that was when she would make the 'we all a ho for something' comment...
Near the end of my time there I knew I was done with the industry and she found out,
She couldn't name my price, she made me an offer she thought I couldn't refuse,
But I sayed no and kept it moving....

That is something we as writers must consider,
What will we do to make the big bucks,
If big bucks is our agenda,
Will we change our stories,
Will we add components that will probably not make or break our story,
But will certainly at a minimum grab someone's attention....temporarily...
Because all things that are trendy change,
That's why it is a trend...
There have been a couple of times when I have had to ask myself in this short life as writer,
And don't be fooled I have been tempted...
A time or two...
When someone dangled something in front of my face...
At the very end,
Of every day.
The only person I have to face in the mirror is me...
And I,
And if it isn't something I can live with,
Be proud of,
Then I will have to say,
You probably don't have enough to make an offer...