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Monday, December 15, 2008


This past week was a roller coaster ride…for real,
However it culminated beautifully on Saturday,
I sat in a room with some loyal readers, family and friends,
And we celebrated the release of SCHAE’S STORY: A Woman’s Transformation,
We talked, shared, listened to a CD entitled Her Story written by Malik ‘DeepDuval’ Menchan…
I sold books, signed books and read several chapters,
Most importantly I relaxed, probably for the first time, completely into the blessing God has provided me with,
I published my first book January 2006 and for all this time,
I have held my breath, so concerned with opinions,
Who I would offend, who wouldn’t get it,
Held myself back with my own fictionalized truths,
But this weekend as I read my work, looking around the room at folks who had read,
All my work and a few who were new to me and I saw the rapt attention on their faces,
I knew it was time to let it go and let it flow…
I revealed bits and pieces of myself to people in ways I never had before and it felt right and good…So grateful…
One of the best moments for me was when KD walked in,
KD is a man in his seventies, who is close to members of my family,
Is a part of my family indirectly and I see him every time I go home,
He has had some awesome struggles, is still struggling,
However at Thanksgiving I tried to give him my newest book,
I knew twelve dollars was hard for him to come by…
But he said, ‘No Cynt, I am going to come out there to get my copy, I will get the money somehow…”
When I arrived in Ocala, Saturday morning, he came around to my Aunt’s and told me he would be there…
In the middle of a passage I was reading, he walked in,
He pulled his skull cap off, stood in the door in his old army jacket and walked up to the table and handed me a twenty dollar bill, my heart almost flew from my chest,
I signed it, he sat down for a minute, read a few pages, then he waved as he departed…
I can honestly say I felt really honored,
This man with so little had walked miles, with borrowed money to purchase my book,
I am so grateful…
I’ll be back tomorrow with more…


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