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Sunday, May 3, 2009

Sunday Mornings...

I am at home on a Sunday Morning,

That is very unusual, normally I leave home about 7.30 for church and return about 4 hours later,

But, this morning, I was feeling achy, crampy and femaley, so decided to stay home in bed,

When I finally got up about the time I usually leave home,

I said my prayers, then watched my Pastor on telly,

While the coffee the smell of coffee...

Opening the blinds, I saw the sun shining brightly,

The birds chirping, and no one moving around beautiful,

I love Sundays....

After the coffee was done,

I made a couple slices of toast with mango jelly and sat down to read a bit,

I am going to read Faith Evan Bio today...

The newspaper and chill,

When my man gets home, we will have an early dinner,

And doze a bit on the sofa,

Afterwards we will get all the way into the NBA playoffs,

Love that game...

Boy, that series between the Bulls and Celtics is what BBall is all about,

Did I say I love Sundays,

I also love,

Strong, Sweet, Black....umm coffee, yeah that too,

And I love toast with great jelly,

And I love books,

And I love Sundays, I think I said that!

And Love U!!!