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Thursday, July 23, 2009

One Man's Mediocrity...

I am always tickled, umm light brown,
When I hear people say stuff like I’m tired of mediocrity,
Usually the person doing the saying isn’t doing the doing,
I was talking to a young person who is sort of employed,
And he went on and on ad nauseum about how he was tired of the mediocrity,
After I had heard as much of that….as I could take,
I turned to him telling him,
‘You aren’t living mediocre…’
Mediocrity is defined as having a moderate ability or value,
You have beyond a moderate ability, you just aren’t doing a thing with it,
He looked at me,
Kind of surprised because usually I listen and keep my opinion to myself,
But I was a bit put out with all that,
Whining and posturing,
Folks who aren’t doing a thing,
And who Poo Poo those who are handling their business,
And want to call it mediocrity,
Well my children,
Mediocrity in same cases,
Feed children,
Pay for houses,
Purchase the things you need,
On the other hand working below your abilities or values,
Is just…well trifling…
Yes I said it…
There is something to be said for mediocrity,
If it takes care of you and yours…
And you are beholden to no one...