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Monday, October 8, 2007

Tagged the 1st Time

Dee Savoy tagged me about books, so here goes,

Total Number of Books Read
Too many to count by far, I have been reading since age four and has never had a 'no reading day'. There isnt a room in my house that does not have a book shelf...

Last Book Read
The Wind Follower by Carole McDonnell, this book was an epic journey into Medieval Africa and tackled so many issues regarding race, class, religion and sex. It was written as a Christian Fantasy but that classification in no way describes this book. It is well-written and complex and would make for so many interesting, heated discussions.

Last Book Bought
The Ex-Files by Victoria Christpher Murphy, I am still reading as we speak, and am enjoying. The story is about four women who are exes who are brought together to learn to handle thier issues with prayer and friendship.

Five Meaningful Books
Just Above My Head by James Baldwin is one of my favorite books of all time. I love the way Mr. Baldwin explores the dynamics of family, religious influence and confused sexuality. I have always loved how fully-fleshed his female characters are. In this book he does all these to a fare-the-well.
Having a Mary Heart in a Martha World by Joanna Weaver is a book for women who are living and thinking they should be able to do and have it all. Mary and Martha from the bible are used as the examples. Mary knows that sometimes it is good to sit still, while Martha is always busy and needing recognition for her efforts. Reading this book took me to a calm place.
Waiting in Vain by Colin Channer, is a literary delight. Mr. Channer introduces us to chance love and takes us below the surface of his characters in a way that made me feel I knew them personally. And the way he writes of Jamaica had me wanting to purchase a ticket. I have read this book several times.
The Autobiography of Malcolm X is a book I first read when twelve and have purchased for every young man in my life. This book resonated in my heart in such a way that I can't even explain why it touched me. One reason has to be because it was a story of a MAN, who had so many problems and issues, but learned from the mistakes and GREW.
Blues Dancing by Dianne Mckinney Whetstone is the ultimate love story. This book touched my heart. I was amazed how this story that could have been so tragic was so beautiful and touching.


Why I Blog...Again

This morning I woke up with a totally different blog idea...
However after opening an email from a 'friend' I knew I needed to blog,
About why I blog...
First I will address the email,
The short version was, 'Angelia, I love your blogs, they have enlightened and inspired me,
However, be careful you don't offend your friends,'
HUH? So of course I asked had I offended her,
Couldn't figure out how, because I don't know her like that, but curiosity was killing the panther...
"Oh no, not me but someone I know, a mutual friend said you called her out on a blog,'
I told her good looking out and decided for the sake of argument I would readdress why I blog,
First, I have never called anyone out on a blog, whatever that means,
I will say that there are not many things,
I won't blog about...
My Ramblings, are just that, My Ramblings,
Something will occur at home...
Any old place...
And if it touches me in any way, I will blog about it,
A form of therapy if you will,
I have a work friend who has inspired many of my blogs,
And though at times I have made her uncomfortable,
She has always said, 'She loved reading about what happened from a different perspective.'
And that is all a blog is really something from the perspective of the blogger,
So ladies and gentleman,
Ramblings is a place where I talk,
And sometimes get downright goofy,
But darlings,
It is never a place for foolishness,
Or madness,
Or calling someone out like I am a middle-aged, female rapper,
Though I do have a few mic skills,
And can freestyle a little something, something...
I simply show up here,
To Ramble...

Love and Blessings,