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Friday, May 16, 2008

Just Above My Head

I try to live Just Above My Head,
Staying spiritual and focused and not getting caught up or out,
Most days I'm successful,
When I struggle, I keep it to myself,
I'm not one for talking about, going around sharing it,
Because what I know for sure, is that sometimes add fuel to a fire,
And usually once I have prayed about and slept on it,
Things improve with rapidity...
What's interesting is that it has caused me to be labeled,
As Stoic, somewhat unemotional,
This morning I read a blog that touched on authors and reviews and how,
Sometimes authors will go to great lengths to have a review changed,
I was pretty astonished,
That has never occurred to me,
My understanding has been that when one places,
Themselves out there, the inherent risk is that someone will not feel what you have done,
A couple of months ago,
I recieved an email about a review I received,
I went over, read it, and moved on,
It was average,
Not bad,
Not great,
Once I read it, I was asked why wasn't I upset,
For the life of me, I couldn't figure out what I was to be upset about,
At that moment the unemotional word was tossed my way,
I had to ask would it have been better if Ihad shown my behind,
Acting up over words on a page,
I don't think so,
On the flip side, I went to an awards ceremony on Monday,
I received an Honor Award for job performance,
I was pleased, thanked the folks who had nominated me,
But once again,
People took exception to the fact that I wasn't cabbage patching,
In the hallways,
The word Stoic was used to describe my behavior,
Absolutely Fascinating...
I have come to the conclusion that in these days of reality TV,
Tell all biographies,
Talk show confessionals,
And everyone getting their fifteen minutes of fame via the Internet,
If one isn't just totally out there,
Sharing everything with everyone,
Saying look at me please,
Then they are missing out on something,
Well, give my portion to someone else,
I plan to continue to live,