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Monday, May 19, 2008

All About Love! Susan L. Taylor

On Friday I went to a booksigning, for Susan L. Taylor, Essence Magazine, Editor Emeritus, and she was as gracious as she was regal and beautiful. I wasn't feeling especially good on Friday, fighting off fatigue and a viral infection. Everything in me told me to skip it, I could go by Gateway Bookstore and pick up the book anytime. But something motivated me to get my butt up and out. Originally, I was more interested in hearing about the mentoring challenge that had been issued in the state of Florida and which she was supporting. Anyone who has ever met me, talked to me or read my books or blogs know that I am a believer in the mentoring process. However, once she took the floor and started to speak, to share and to speak openly, I was no longer tired. Her message resonated within my overworked and extremely tired mind and heart. She spoke openly of her own experiences of being a woman, a mother, a wife, a former wife and a person in constant search of the light. It was clear the other seventy or so other people in the room was as touched as I, especially in a room filled with sisters. Something that brought a round of chuckles was when she spoke on how low she was feeling at a certain point in her life but how well she looked, the words, 'No one knows better how to look good when feeling bad caused every sister in that room to go, mmm hmmm. Today I finally picked up the booked and started thumbing through it and immediately I was taken in...the words of this sister truly touched my spirit...So thanks Ms. Taylor for being a committed warrior in this fight to save us and our children...Bless You and may you continue to Walk in Light!