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Tuesday, May 26, 2009


I have said it here before and I will say it again and again…
Marriage is hard,
Raising kids is hard,
Life can be hard,
As such there are times when we have to pray and walk away,
Not forever, necessarily, but long enough not to say words we can not take back,
Or God forbid to hit or harm someone that we profess to love,
Once certain things have been said or done,
They are left there to deal with,
To resolve,
To hopefully make better,
And in some cases, it doesn’t get better,
Layers and layers of stuff will pile on,
I was talking to someone who had been divorced for years,
And was still dealing with the stuff,

I was talking to old married who had layers of bitter memories,
Though they were still there...
On the other hand I was talking to young weds,
Who were piling the stuff on…
Unable to say what the truth is,
That they moved too fast,
Tried too hard,
Wasn’t really ready or able to do the things,
That marriage calls upon people to do,
And rather than truth tell,
They hide behind untruths and feelings,
Hoping that all will be better in the morning,
And it never is that simple without some real,
A willingness to admit wrongs,
And be truly vigilant in correcting them,
And sometimes knowing when to walk away…

Angelia, who don’t know much but I KNOW THIS!