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Friday, February 20, 2009


We all know in this world that it is better to give than to receive, but receiving is nice,
I kid you not and I love a gift of love, that has to do with the person,
On Wednesday, Nik, walked into my office handing me a bottle of vegetarian iron tablets,
My heart turned over in my chest and I told her, 'What a loving gift...' She smiled at me...
A few months ago, we had been talking about needing iron and we both admitted we didn't take traditional iron tablets because of some side effects, she told me she was trying something new her internest had given her...
So, wednesday after several weeks of taking them, having an appointment and getting a thumbs up from her physcian she gave me a Gifted...

When purchasing gifts, cards or anything I always try to make it about the person,
Because I know anyone can just pick up a gift,
But to give with love takes thought, planning and caring about the recipient,
People have asked me how after more than thirty years my husband and I can still gift each other,
I told 'em it is pretty easy,
We know the others loves,
My man loves a gadget and I can look at his face when one is advertised and know to go there,
I love scarves and shawls, have oodles,
But my man will spend hours in the shops until he finds the one that defines his woman,
He gave me this wool/cashmere one recently and I want to sleep in that thing...
Feels so good...Gifted...

One of the best gifts of all is the gift of time and paying attention...listening...
Sometimes there is no better gift in the world than having someone you love, spend time with you,
Pay attention to you,
And listen to you,
And it is a good gift to give...GIFTED...