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Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Who's Idea of Woman?

Hey Family,
this morning I am going to ramble and rant,
One of my pet peeves is how narrowly we choose to define a WOMAN,
This weekend at my booksigning, a brother who had read half of my second book raised his hand saying,
"In my mind, I could only see Cinnamon as naked at the stove." Hmm
You could hear the rumble in the crowd as many sisters took exception to that,
They had read the whole book and the other books in many cases,
However, a quiet sister in the back said,
"I agree with him, she wasn't an astute woman at all."
Okay, wasn't sure how much she had read but she didnt know the lady either...
My thing is this,,,
A woman can be whatever and however she chooses to be,
Hard-nosed, take no prisoners professional,
Who does it all for herself, she will get no argument from me,
She can stay at home raising uber kids, cooking filet and baking brownies,
And meet her man in the door in mules and a negligee, still okay with me...
In my mind, no one gets to decide what defines a woman,
As women we get to change whenever we want to, in any way that we want to...
I have been a business woman since I was fourteen years old,
Sold book reports, term papers, had a job on the weekend and was the candied-apple, making and selling queen, money in da bank, ya'll...
However, I loved dressing up on the weekends and dancing for hours with my friends,
The same has been true of my adult life,
I have a career,
And the respect of my peers and co-workers,
While maintaining a couple of small businesses,
But I love my man,
And there are days when I come home and cook him a great meal,
Because I want to,
And will serve him at the table and on the table, winking....
And will apologize to no one for being any of those,
Or all of those,
Because all I am is a woman by defintion,
Who knows what works for me,
And mine,
I will allow all people to do what works for them,
And expect the same from others,
Know this, a woman can be PAMPERED and POWERFUL,
Don't be fooled...

Love and Blessings,