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Monday, April 28, 2008

Are You Ignoring Me?

I have been accused of ignoring…
And I promise you I’m not,
In fact in my immediate family,
My man and my sons,
They call me the Queen of Ignoring,
According to them (sic) I pretend to not hear them,
They are wrong, I don’t pretend at all,
I simply don’t hear a lot of things,
As I have mentioned many times,
I live on planet oblivion and many things,
Just don’t penetrate and infiltrate,
Especially messy stuff,
I can remember my boys disagreeing about stuff,
As long as they kept it respectful,
I didn’t much care, because there is nothing better than a good debate,
However if voices rose in anger,
I would move in swiftly to nip it in the bud,
The same is true with work,
When I get in I usually plug in my CD of the week,
Allowing it to play softly in my ear as I work,
Anthony Hamilton, Kindred, Yolanda Adams and many others have been lifesavers...
Sometimes I hear doors slamming,
Or tapping heels, racing up and down the corridor, or occasionally raised voices,
I usually slide my door gently closed on those occasions,
But mostly I don’t hear it, because I tuned that out years ago,
Recognizing it as drama and a plea for attention,
No time for that,
The same is true when sitting down with family and friends,
If we are laughing, talking, sharing or even vigorously debating,
I’m down,
But the minute that we start signifying,
I turn a deaf ear,
And start writing stories in my head,
Or singing a mental song,
Knowing that they will nudge me
When they get to the good stuff,
It means that I usually am not privy to much of the goings-on, blessedly...
And am glad about it,
Don’t have space in my head for all that,
So the standard answer to the question,
Are You Ignoring Me?
Is no, I’m just mentally removed…