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Monday, July 19, 2010

It Is None Of Our...

I am always startled when I am confronted with busy-bodyness and taking too much to do with someone else’s business…this weekend I was sitting next to someone who whispered to me, ‘She is looks too old for him…” I looked at the person who was saying it and she went on to say, “I don’t know how old she is but she looks too old for him, not sure why he married her.” I ignored the conversation, but when it was said again, I said, “ He probably loves her, she loves him, the look happy and besides what does that have to do with anyone other than them?” My whisperer turned up her nose and looked at me as though I were a traitor…

I’m sorry, though I have opinions much the same as anyone and they aren’t always nice and flattering my goal is to keep that kind of mess to myself and not share it and spread it around, because that kind of stuff is just, well mean and none of our business…at all…and life is so short to be consumed with, well I want to cuss here, but I will say ‘Stuff’…too short.

I am really unclear on what makes people think they are the arbiter of good taste or that it is their responsibility to hand-pick friends and relationships for others…I have my own theories but I will keep those to me….I will just say something I have said many times before, ‘If we all focus on our own stuff, surely that will keep us so busy as to have no time for anyone else’s business at all.’ Also, if a person doesn’t ask us who they should marry, date, talk to or coexist with it is easy to guess, they really, really don’t care to have our opinion and unless we pay their bills, take care of all their needs and can save their very souls, we might just want to accept that it is just NONE of our Business…

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