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Wednesday, January 30, 2008

You Better Ask!

I am always astonished by grown folks, mostly women,
Who are moaning about what they aren't getting...
My first question is did you ask...
So many look at me as though I am nuts!
I am, but that's a blog for another day...
I tell them of course not,
But if you want something from someone,
You need to ask for it, otherwise your chances of getting it are nil...
On a job, if you are feeling underpaid and overworked, asking for a raise,
Is not the end of the world...worse case scenario, you will be told no, which will leave you with some decisions to be made...or you might even get one...
I learned this in my twenties,
I was working in retail management and discovered that a male counterpart,
With less seniority was outearning me,
For several days I was fuming, I talked to my mom about it,
She asked, 'What did they say?"
"What did who say?"
"Your bosses of course, surely you asked?"
Of course I hadn't but I did and recieved an immediate raise, hadn't gotten one because I hadn't asked...
The same is true in relationships...
So many women tell me, "He didn't get me what I wanted for my b'day (fill in other event)"
The first question I ask is, 'Did you tell him what you wanted'...
"Well, no...why should I have to do that."
After I get done rolling my eyes, I say, 'You should do that to get what you want...because obviously, not asking isn't working for you..."
Many say, "That isn't very romantic"...
I tell them it can be, because it sure isn't romantic to get something you don't want over and over again,
And complain about it...whereas...
Asking for and getting what you want, can become real romantic, with a Quickness, but hey don't listen to me, though I know that if you always do, what you always did, you will always get what you always got..."

So if you really want something, YOU BETTER ASK!