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Monday, July 26, 2010


Yesterday after church and dinner with friends I got home and was so tired I could barely move, but it was a good kind of tired. On Friday I had celebrated my man’s birthday with family, on Saturday I had gone to a new venue to sell my books and was pleasantly surprised and very pleased about the response and I completed the process of book number ten, of which I am very pleased, Mother Wit with Dera Jones and I.

However, as I lolled in my bed, thoughts ran through my mind, thinking about my children, your children, the world’s children, particularly African-American children and it occurred to me that in so many cases, those of us in our fifties and sixties and even older are working circles around young people. And before someone says; ‘It’s the economy stupid,’ I am going to say, no not just that.

For years and years I have noticed it. In prior generations almost always the current generation was more educated and ultimately out earned and were more successful than previous generations and in my humble opinion that is as it should be. However, I am very concerned now, because while there are many, many young people doing well and becoming educated. There are way too many who are underemployed, unemployed and undereducated to the point that even if they get jobs, they are earning pittances, which makes them unable to take care of themselves or anyone else. Or, they have such sporadic work histories, leaving jobs at the first problem, or feeling it is okay to dress or say anything on a job they chose to. And I am not bashing, I am simply trying to understand how this all transpired. Is it because we gave them too much, made is all seem so easy or do they think it just doesn’t matter?

I can remember growing up and everyone worked, man, woman and child. People didn’t buy things they couldn’t afford and it seems we all understood that we would start out with less and work our way towards more. Now it seems that some young people feel they are entitled to the best world has to offer and they want it right now…

The other day I mentioned not understanding this and was basically told, not to judge, just love and that people who don’t know, cannot do. Well, I am sorry, but many of the people who I am addressing to do know and were raised to do, they had simply for some reason decided they are owed something. And they were all LOVED. I am guessing that maybe the prosperity of our generation perhaps allowed us to overindulge our children and didn’t allow us enough time to explain or teach how important, ‘the work’ aspect of life is, but surely I don’t know…just RAMBLING out loud.