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Tuesday, April 6, 2010


This morning I was thinking about something that plagues people and holds them back from enjoying life, and that is thinking that a person who loves someone who doesnt love you, cant love you both...confused yet? Well dont be mother is going to break it down...I love my extended family...there are some though who feel that if I love them, then I wont associate with people they dont like...sorry, but your relationships have nada to do with me...if I dig the person and they dig me, we can be friendly and not have it affect our thing in anyway...honestly...

See, the same thing at work...coworkers not mingling, not because the person has done anything to them, but because of someone else's situation...

I see it alot...where I am concerned...because check this out...if I like someone ,or befriend someone that is MY relationship with that person...has nothing to do with anyone else...and if I like you then that is us...if the two or three of you cannnot get along, I am sorry about that, but I will not tailor my relationships to accomodate someone else's drama...however, if you make a decision that you don't want to deal with anyone who does not cosign on your madness...that is a choice and I totally support grown folks your thing...

Life is short and love is sparse and we should all work as fervently as possible on maintaining loving relationships. Alas, we should probably also clean our closets of those that bring trouble and messiness...

What I am saying, in short is this, is that if I like you, love you, can't get enought of you, there is no one, except possibly YOU, who can change that. I wont talk about you or any other negative thing when with others...and won't allow them to do it either, but I will choose my own relationships...because IT IS POSSIBLE TO LOVE THEM AND YOU~