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Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Leave With Something!

This week, I watched the news with a bit of sadness,
Two young men were shot in less than forty-eight hours by law enforcement,
Both were minors and shot while committing felony acts,
I watched the mothers of both boys crying into the camera,
Wanting to know the status of their sons, who were luckily alive, but in custody,
I understood their pain and even, their rage, however, I could only wonder what,
Had transpired to have them end up where they were,
And in one case, why was a fifteen year old out that time of night?
I am not judging, I just want to understand, because if we can understand, maybe something can be done,
I used to catch heck from family and friends about being so strict,
I didn’t feel strict at all, I just felt a need to know where my children were and what
Activities they were involved in, didn’t know it was a big deal to know where minors,
And my kids will tell you they didn’t miss a thing,
They went to activities and participated and my home was open to their friends,
I remember when my youngest was about fifteen, he saved up, purchasing tickets for a Juvenile concert, we drove him there and picked him up…he had a blast, got to party hearty, but came home in the comfort of his car with his mom and dad,
It occurred to me this morning that there was never a time when they were under age,
That I was wondering where they were, in the middle of the night, they were in bed sleeping, under the watchful, stern, loving eyes of their parents,
My prayer is that my son and his wife are just as loving, stern and watchful as we were,
Because the world is filled with madness, and those who prey on the weak,
Parenting, guardianship and even mentoring is hard work,
But we must be ever vigilant, because we MUST leave these children with something,
They can hold on to, believe in, pattern their behavior after and most importantly pass on to the next generation, it is MANDATORY…