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Monday, March 17, 2008

To Read and Read Again...

Do you every re-read books?
Many people say, no, too many books, too little time…
I am a re-reader,
Anything I really loved,
I will re-read,
Just Above My Head by James Baldwin – countless re-reads,
Have not re-read in years, but will again,
Waiting in Vain by Colin Channer read a few times,
Pearl Cleage’s books, re-readable for sure,
Blues Dancing by McKinney Whetstone, a few re-reads,
And there are others,
Sometimes a certain mood will lead me to re-read,
Or if I am struggling with books I have and nothing is really grabbing me,
I know where to go for a literary pick me up…
Another reason for re-reading is when I wear my reviewer’s hat,
The first scenario is when I read a book and I am trying to fairly review it,
It just isn’t working for me but I want to review it fairly,
I will give it another try...
The other review re-read scenario is when I really liked it but was,
Reading in critical review mode, which if done properly is completely different than reading for pleasure,
So after I have read it, reviewed it and posted,
I will go back and read in a more relaxed, less critical way,
Then there are the deeper books,
That I enjoyed but didn’t quite, completely understand,
I love going at those again,
To be able to see from different perspective,
And to discover the layers that I was missing the first time around,
Do you re-read?
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