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Thursday, February 4, 2010


There are a ton of things I planned to RAMBLE about this morning,
As I was driving on the Dames Point bridge, I think of what I need to say,
To heal, to minister,
First I thought I would talk about how uncommon common sense is,
And I will,
Then I said, ‘Girl, you need to touch on self-ownership,
Okay I will do that to,
So here it is,
One of the things that cause me to cringe is how many common things,
People have to be told,
The other day, I was sitting in my office, talking to a co-worker,
And another co-worker walked in and started to talk to the person in my office,
She didn’t say good morning, how are you doing, go to heck,
So I said, ‘Good morning how are you?’
She looked at me proclaiming, ‘Oh hi Angelia, I was so focused that I didn’t even say good morning…”
I quietly said, ‘Common courtesy never goes out of style, we should never enter another’s space without at a minimum acknowledging them…’
She made a big production of going out and coming back in,
And speaking…
Have mercy,
I knew it was all show,
But my goal was just to make her think about it,
Come on, manners aren’t fads,
They are always in style,
Then the self-ownership thing,
I am amazed,
Utterly amazed at the numbers of people,
Who hold themselves responsible for nothing,
They can have been fired from five jobs,
Been in trouble with the law,
Married seven times,
Had six kids with six different people,
And they will find a way to blame,
Their mama,
Their daddy,
Their woman or their man,
And never once own,
That they were fired because they just weren’t cutting it,
Or that people who commit what society has deemed a crime,
If caught will go to jail,
Or that if you have a child,
You are responsible in many ways to that child,
And to the person you made child with,
Does people not know these things,
And whatever happened to being self-taught,
I am not just talking about the person who taught himself to fix cars,
So he is great mechanic,
Or the person who is charismatic,
And became a sought after speaker,
Though those are awesome things to be sure,
What about if you grow up in a bad place,
Teaching yourself how to get to a better place,
If you were abused by someone,
Getting yourself some help and never abusing again,
Or knowing that no matter what your age is,
If you engage in unprotected sex acts,
There is good chance you will become a parent,
And that once you become a parent like it or lump it,
For all intents and purposes you are grown,
That it is no longer about you,
But about that child,
And lo and behold that each person must pay his or her own way,
Never take anything from anyone that you can’t in some way pay back or pay forward,
You give a person total ownership when you allow him or her to take care of you,
Also, never ever cut off the hand or legs that feed you,
No matter how smart you are,
Or how you think you got it going on,
Or with have it going on,
There are times when you will absolutely,
Unequivocally, without a doubt need someone,
And those arms and legs you chopped off,
Are floating about somewhere unable to reach out to assist you,
Because they no longer exist…
This may not mean much to anyone,
Or might mean a lot to someone,
But for me it was just some ‘ISH’
That needed saying…