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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

A Rambler, Ramblings...

Sometimes we have to learn when to let it go,
The other day I broke down and joined another social network,
And within minutes I had several friend’s requests,
Most were people I know and some were people I had known of in other venues,
I accepted them based on that, however, within days I had to let a couple of them go,
Because here is the deal,
Angelia controls her brand,
And if you bring stuff, I don’t like or agree with,
You will be gone,
I am so serious about that,
Because it is so easy to become guilty by association,
And I am in no way interested in having any sick, sexually explicit, misogynistic,
Or mean stuff on any of my pages…
One person actually sent me another friend request after I removed them,
Come on people, no means no…
Is NO Not Clear Enough For You?
Someone ought to write a book about that!
Okay, I am being silly…but I am as serious as I can be…
On to another topic,
The other day I was in spring cleaning mode,
We painted the walls, caramel, almond and trimmed then in sesame,
They look so nice,
The same afternoon, we pruned rose bushes, planted caladiums and spruced up the yard,
Well now,
When I got inside, I looked in my checkbook and was amazed at how much waste was in there,
We had so many plans,
Email plans,
Stamps plans,
Reservations plan,
PDF plans,
So we started canceling that stuff,
I was amazed that we had been throwing away over a Cnote a month,
On stuff we didn’t ever use, or hardly ever used or that we already had access to in other ways…
I’m sure I’m not alone in this,
Sometimes we have to look hard at what we are throwing money at,
It is amazing how much is simply dribbling down the drain,
Like so much tap water, (which is all that bottled water is you know)
I just needed to Ramble aimlessly this morning,
Better than reading contracting journals…