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Monday, February 16, 2009

You Expect What?

I love listening and talking to people,
I also love discovering what people expect from other people,
Sunday I was in a conversation, three women were talking about Valentine's Day,
One was incensed about what she had received, not that she hadn't received but what,
I asked what had she expected,
Rolling her eyes, she told me,
I asked had she told him, again she rolled her eyes, saying, "He should know"...
I then asked what had she bought him,
This time her eyes almost rolled out of the sockets as she answered, 'Nothing'...
I am absolutely astonished that my sisters feel Valentine's Day is only about them,
And Expect amazing things and give nothing...

The other day I was reading a question online,
The question being 'Did authors Expect members on online groups to purchase their books?'
The answers were fascinating...
Many authors did, though they tried to cover it up with fancy language,
My answer was simply this,
I think when a writer is a complete novice,
They might think that, but very quickly, they learn that it is not so,
And rather than be mad or bitter,
They can hunker down and learn something,
Also they might need to ask themselves,
If they have bought every book from all the other authors,
If not why do they expect the reverse...
Just wondering,
I have learned that I can't and shouldn't expect anything from anyone,
And I especially should not have expectations of those who I do nothing for,
It just doesn't make a lot of sense to me,
But I will also advise that giving should be pure,
Not because there is an expectation of something...
But because your heart lends to giving...

Love and Blessings!