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Friday, July 25, 2008

So Excited!

Life's simple pleasures are truly the best,
I'm meeting this morning with my new Mentee,
She is twenty-one,
She is a smart, articulate young lady who wants something from life,
However, as with many, she is filled with pain,
And as such has veered a bit off course,
She lost her mother as a teenager,
And as such probably didn't deal with what that all meant,
So for several years she did most likely what felt good,
Or for what goes for pleasure...
But the beauty of it is that one day she woke up,
Realizing that life was more than a party, fun and games,
Most beautifully she realized it when she was still open, free and young,
She only has her self to work on,
No children yet,
Or stack of bad stuff,
For whatever reason, she was pointed in my direction,
And for as much as she feels I can do for her,
She can do as much for me,
Mainly allowing me to give back a tiny bit of what,
God has blessed me with,
Which in turn will allow her to one day reach for the hand of someone else,
That is how this thing is going to have to be done if we have plans.
To collectively get anywhere,
Or collectively do anything,
Because until we have all gotten somewhere...
I know you feel me on this,
So as I asked previously,
Wrap your heart and prayers around us,
We are on our way!

Love, Peace and Blessings,