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Friday, October 17, 2008

Upside Down, Round and Round!

Yesterday was one of those days when I felt upside down and round and round,
Like an emotional rollercoaster,
Driving over the Dames Point bridge, the fog was as thick as pea-soup,
I was listening to Regina Belle's wonderful gospel album, and singing along at the top,
Of my lungs, I felt joyous and drained at the same time,
Once I got to work, and settled in, I had to sit with my supervisor for my annual appraisal,
I wasn't concerned, because I knew I had worked my butt off this year,
And had some miraculouse moments,
But I usually feel weird when someone is singing my praises,
However, this year it felt different, something about it was so genuine,
And I truly felt appreciated and respected....
Getting back to my office, my son called, it was 9pm my time,
6am, his...
We chatted, talking about Amari Jamella, his baby due on Mar 6,
And my first grandbaby, a girl child,
I can not even say how swollen my emotions were,
Talking to my baby about his baby,
Knowing that we will have to opportunity to love, nurture and raise,
The young princess...
A few hours later the phone rang at my desk,
Answering it, I smiled,
The rec director from my hometown, called to tell me,
The library I had grown up using,
Was mine to use for my official book release party,
I called Beverly, she was not home, but I told her on the voice mail,
How much I love her for having me, when I can't have myself...
By the time I got home, I felt a little under the weather,
My man came home and said I was a bit feverish,
I smiled at him, telling him about my day,
He grinned back in understanding,
Letting me know without saying,
He was exactly where I was,
As I made my way to bed, really early,
My face was smiling, though my body was tired,
I heard my man tapping on the keys, tightening up my new cover,
Falling asleep,
My last thougth was,
God is Good!!!

Love and Blessings,

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