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Wednesday, August 25, 2010


Hadn’t blogged in a minute or two, been busy, busy, busy…however there is something that has been on my heart the past several days and it is misery. Yes, misery, you all know the old saying, misery loves company, well I am going to say that there are a few amongst us, who love being miserable. These people literally bring ants to a picnic, rain to the beach, oil to the water…

And guess what? The only thing you can do, sometimes, is pray for them and avoid them like the plague. There are people who I really dig, who I have had to cut smooth off, because I couldn’t stand seeing, feeling and hearing all that misery that surrounded them. It is too much, trying to get through this life and to have to carry others burdens, piled atop yours. It can kill the JOY in your life, if you aren’t careful.

You know them, the woman who has had a string of bad relationships and as soon as you say yours is good…she will tell you how horrible hers is and that all men are not good…and almost say you are lying...

Or the person you cannot talk about your faith around because the first thing out of their mouths is Christians are hypocrites…and venture to tell you every negative preacher story they ever heard...or commence to reminding you that in 1982, you drank liquor..

Or the older woman who has run everyone off, even her own kids, because she is so mired down in the past and old grudges that she cannot enjoy life at all and will do her level best to make sure you feel her pain…

We all have times when we are sad, everyone has gone through a situation, been dogged by a lover, didn’t get along with mama or daddy, had a bad church experience, been molested or some such atrocity…but I am here to tell you what I know, I have experienced many, many things…that learning to rejoice in what is now, rather than being mired down in what was then will change your life and it will enhance your relationships. I am telling you, that no matter how much a person loves you, they do not want to hear your sad stories all the time. Relationships are built on giving and sharing. And God knows I want to be there for those I love, but I also want to hear about your joys, your triumphs. I want to hear you say nice things about others.

We have to look outside ourselves in order to really live. And check this out, it is okay, absolutely alright to seek help if you are unhappy or need to get past some issues. Because, I tell you that misery might like company, but company ain’t always feeling misery…

Be The PEACE you Seek!