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Saturday, December 6, 2008

Schae's Moving ON!

Malcolm sat in his office looking out the window, thinking;
"What in the world does this woman want? I know I led her on in some ways for over fifteen years, but I took care of her. I have never been happier. I have an awesome relationship with God. My family is in a great place, the Learning Center allows me to have children and my friendships are platinum. Whatever this is about, it better not be about any drama. "A knock at the door shook him from his thoughts.
Looking up he was startled at Schae's appearance. She was wearing her signature pink, but her Ann Klein pantsuit was a size fourteen and not the usual size twelve she had been squeezing into for years and her long-flowing tresses were still bright auburn but her clean face startled him. In all the years he had been involved with her, he had never seen the skin on her face. He could smell the signature Giorgio perfume wafting in ahead of her. Some things never changed and they shouldn't.
"Come in Schae. Close the door if it’ll make you more comfortable." Doing as he asked she glided over to sit in the chair across from him. "He is so handsome, still.”
“Hey Mr. Black, how are you?" His expression was calm but as cold as Siberia.
"Ms. Jackson, how can I help you?" Smiling slightly at his professional tone, she decided to tease him. It stung a bit that he didn’t seem to remember anything about her except her name.
"I just wanted to tell you I was pregnant and want child support." Unexpected laughter poured from his throat.
"Well, I'll do what I can to help you find your baby-daddy." Laughter poured from her throat.
“That won't be necessary. I just wanted to tell you thanks for all you ever did for me. You were a good man and good to me. I knew that what we had was just about sex for you but I cared, care about you, and I think there is no finer man, anywhere." She swallowed down a lump, blinking back tears.
“Schae, thanks isn't necessary. You and I had an arrangement. As I told you all those years ago, I was wrong to do all the things for you I did. Thinking back, I know it made it seem like there was more to it than there was. But, I have no regrets. When it was time to move on, I did. And all appearances indicated you did as well. What has changed?"
“I have, I no longer want to be anyone's affair. I need to get me together and I plan to. I have invested most of the money I’ve earned. Thanks to the generosity of others I'm doing real well financially. I'm even thinking about adopting Julius and Jeffrey, Barbara’s children. Mama's getting older and I want to be a mom, maybe even a wife, one day."
"That's cool. I think you will make a good mother and a good wife, to someone."
"But not to you?"
"No Schae, not to me. I love my life as it is. I wouldn't change a thing, nothing. But I’ll pray for you and I wish you the best." Her heart turned over in her chest, she still had serious feelings for him but her heart and gut told her she wasn’t a part of his life and never would be. She needed to know that.
“Do you really think I would be a good mom?"
"The best, you’re a nurturer and those kids couldn't be more blessed to have you. And I'm sure Ms. Geraldine will be pleased."
"Thanks Malcolm, I only have two regrets in my life. One is that I never had a child, the other being I wasn't a woman you could love."
"Don't regret anything Schaelonda. You can have children the same as I did, I adopted my nephews and those boys are my children, as well as the young men who come through here. Schae you and I were never meant to be any more than what we were. Pray over it and bury it. It's dead." Standing, she gathered her things, looking over her shoulder as she departed, she replied, “I know."