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Thursday, November 5, 2009


I am befuddled again…
By something else but kind of the same,
Last night I posed the question:
Why do others care about someone else’s sexuality?
Woo Hoo…
One brother basically intimated I was the spawn of the devil,
For even asking the question,
I am still curious actually,
Because the question didn’t have a thing to do with God, Faith or Religion,
It was basically, ‘HOW IS THAT YOUR BUSINESS?’
Moving on,
Now I wonder what makes people think they have the right to tell people what to do,
How to dress,
What to eat,
Where to go?
Is that not the most presumptuous thing?
Or maybe I am nuts,
I absolutely believe that people have certain,
As human beings,
And how they dress is one,
As long as they are clean and aren’t naked,
Who cares if they don’t dress according to some outdated or overtly modern,
Years ago a friend I love dearly had a problem with the fact that most days,
I wear dresses and hose,
I kindly gently told her,
It was my choice and I really didn’t like looking at naked legs,
At work, but it was her choice,
We didn’t miss a beat,
We love the difference in each other,
If there is a dress code at your work,
Follow it,
But if not and the supervisors are cool with it,
I am too…to each his or her own,
Does that make me an anomaly?
That I really and truly am unconcerned about such trivia,
Or are people way too bound up in other folks business?
Someone, anyone please feel free to wise me up?
The other issue is knowing when to let go…
A young woman I love dearly is so bound up in her feelings for people,
She is always in pain,
When she know full well that the people are opportunistic and only are about her,
When there is no one else,
That is not cool…
Sure it hurts like the dickens to leave someone you love alone,
But I am guessing it cannot hurt anymore than allowing them,
To use and hurt you over and over again…
Of course,
Because the answers are as plain at the curls in my hair,
And that is this:
If you spend all of your time handling your business,
And trying to help some of the social ills around us,
There would be little to no time to care,
Who sleeps with whom,
Who is wearing what or eating what,
And if you make yourself a priority after God,
You will stop allowing folks to pick you up when it’s to their advantage,
And put you down when they don’t wanna be bothered…
But like everything else I say,
Use what you can and toss the rest over your shoulder…