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Tuesday, March 17, 2009


To get what we need and want, sometimes it is as simple as saying it,
I am often flabbergasted at how hard this is for people, then frustrated,
When they complain because their needs aren’t being met,
My first question is always, ‘Did you ask for or tell them what you want?”
I always taught my kids to ask me for what they wanted,
Even if I said NO, at least they had articulated their wants to me,
I let them know that as long as they were minors, I had their needs covered,

On Sunday, when I was leaving Tucson,
I told my son and daughter in law that:
A closed mouth don’t get fed…”
And what that means is, if you don’t tell me what you want,
You probably won’t get it,
Or you will get something you don’t want,

One thing I love is giving people what they like,
Or want,
At holidays, birthdays, etc.
If I know your likes, loves, desires and it is something I can do,
I will, but I need to be told…

And I have found that to be one of the main reasons,
People are so frustrated in their relationships,
Be it love, family or friendship,
They are running around assuming other people know what they want or need,
Or worse yet, assuming they know what someone else wants or needs,

The flip side of telling is asking,
Ask those in your life,
If there is anything you can do for them,
Or how they would like it done,
And if it is within your power,
Do it,
It is amazing how well it works for all involved,
Because we do have to open our mouths to be nourished,
For real…

Love and Blessings!

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