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Wednesday, October 28, 2009


Parenting is the hardest job, bar none,
Those people who don’t feel they will be good parents and choose not to,
Are to be applauded,
Because why knowingly do something, you know you aren’t ready for,
And allow the casualty to be a child,
When I became a young mother,
There was a plethora of things I didn’t know,
For real,
As such I was overprotective with my eldest,
And thirty years later the residuals of that are still evident,
Six years later when I had a second child,
I was much less protective,
Ultimately more permissive,
The residuals of that are still evident,
So many mistakes and missteps,
Thanks be to God I was being covered in prayer,
By those who loved me,
There is one thing that I absolutely, unequivocally got,
And that was this,
I knew that my husband and I had created these beings and it was on us,
Totally to provide for them,
Raise them and teach them,
Anyone who knows me will tell it,
I was always mama,
We recreated our life in such a way,
That we did without, so they could have,
We also didn’t involve our parents,
In our parenting schematics,
We knew that if every time,
We didn’t have something,
We went to them for it,
Then we were in essence children raising children,
And we need to send messages that being grown was hard work,
But when you get in the grown business,
Work you must,
Sometimes I look around me and I am shocked,
By the numbers of young adults who live with their parents,
Not because they have fallen on hard time necessarily,
But because if they live at home, they can do whatever they want with their money,
Have cell phones with unlimited usage plans,
Drive in late model cars,
Get their hair and nails done weekly,
And dress the kids in designer wear,
Honestly, that is what is occurring,
And will they go completely off, if,
Anyone questions them about it,
Or they are pursuing dreams,
Dreams that are dressed up hobbies,
Cause, you know until you can pay bills doing it,
A hobby is all it is,
Grandparents are buying diapers and formula,
And welfare systems are providing the rest,
Sadder still are the young boys who are acting out aggressively,
Because they are defining manhood based on gangster movies,
Or the young girls who are predator magnets,
Because they so desire a father’s arms around them,
And are willing to take what they can get,
This parenting game is real,
And if we don’t take it much more seriously and make it about the children,
And not about us,
We are dooming these young people,
Yes we are….