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Friday, April 3, 2009


I am currently reading Where Did You Sleep Last Night by Danzy Senna,
It is a memoir of sorts, she is writing about her parents and history and her personal identity,
Her father was an African American with a promising future, but had addictions that stood in the way of his success...
Her mother a Caucasian woman who could trace her ancestry to the Mayflower...
And it is noted that their divorce was one of the ugliest in Boston's history...ouch...
I had read a previous work by Ms. Senna, Caucasia and enjoyed it and I am enjoying her current work...however, I am always curious about what gave an author the courage to write about his or her life in such a way...more curious about how it impacts those who are being written about...whether they consented or if they liked how they were portrayed, etc.
I have often thought of writing about certain parts of my life,
And if I were to write it, I would do it as honestly as possible,
And I know that many would be flattered,
And some would be straight up pissed off and would probably never speak to me again,
As such I have not done it,
In fact even in these blogs, I go out of my way to protect the to speak, there are people I never mention,
Though I am not done with the book, I can only wonder how Danzy's father will feel about what she has written...
So do you like memoirs and if you are a writer would you ever write one?
And if you did, how honest would you be?