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Saturday, March 14, 2009

You Can, If You Want To!

The other day an acquaintance asked me a most interesting question,
"How do you manage to talk to and coexist peacefully with so many types..."
She was asking me this I suppose because some of my friends are what would be considered,
Well, non-conformers...some are even a bit difficult to know and get along with,
But I do just fine with them, first because I like them, try to understand them,
And refuse to allow their 'stuff' to stand in the way of knowing them,
In plain English, I do because I want to...
The same is true of anything,
Marriages work because people want them to,
They work hard, try to the best of their abilities to get along and make concessions,
Knowing that it can be done,
A couple weeks ago,
I got on a plane from Charlotte to Phoenix,
An interesting young woman sat down next to me,
She was from South Florida,
Immediately she asked about my perfume,
I told her and we started chatting about perfume,
The we segued to where we were going and why,
Then we chatted all over the place about so many things,
We became intimate,
She was only twenty-five, half my age,
But I enjoyed her, I allowed her to read a bit of my book,
Gave her my card and we talked for almost four hours,
It was cool,
Some would ask why?
And what did an Amazonion Black Woman,
Have in common with a petite Jewish girl,
And most would say nothing,
But what we had in common most,
Was we wanted to engage,
After the initial introduction,
We knew at a minimum, we both loved great perfume,
And from there we got to know other stuff,
We talked because we wanted to,
The other night, I was sitting on the sofa,
I heard my phone beep,
And there was a pretty lengthy email from her,
Telling me how much she enjoyed our conversation,
And filling me in on her trip to Phoenix and asking me about,
My trip to Tucson...
I responded in kind...
How cool was that, to get to know someone,
Only a little bit, and only because we wanted to!

Love, Peace and Blessings!