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Tuesday, May 4, 2010


I have had the most interesting few days…most interesting…first thing Saturday morning I woke up in a wonderful mood, only to log onto my computer and discover that someone had fraudulently used one of my accounts, to the lovely tune of 1250…though I ultimately knew I would be able to resolve it, it pizzed me off…the arrogance of people who will literally steal someone else’s money without compunction…with no thought whatever to whether it would affect me negatively or throw my financial house in disarray. Thank be to God it didn’t but it could have and there was a time in would have…dang…

By Sunday I was better…church was awesome...there were a couple of occurrences though that led me to know that all the years I was a loner were good years…basically, I spoke to people, was a kind to them as I knew how to be, but cut them a wide berth, didn’t get caught up in conversations or shenanigans that weren’t productive…I will confess here in front of God and everyone that I fell a bit off the wagon…started cosigning mess, sometime by simply listening that I knew I wasn’t down for or with…but thanks to God again, HE yanked my chain got me straight, sent a couple of situations my way that stung like rock salt in open wounds…ow, ow, ow…

Monday, I woke up with my figurative butt on my shoulder…had a lot on my mind…thinking about my kids, some friends, work, still dealing with the bank…damn…yeah I was cussing…and I checked my book log of books I had sent out for review and got further yucked… check this out, when I write books there are review teams that I automatically send my books to…always have and there are also independent reviewers who I know are going to review…I don’t trip much about the process, because blessed be, I know there are people who are going to purchase my books, reviews be damned and for that I am grateful…but what got me is that some of these people actually reached out and offered to review for me…I happily sent them however many books they requested and months, literal months had passed. All they needed to do was say something to the tune of ‘Angelia, I really don’t like your writing, or Angelia I don’t really have time to review your work, or Angelia I really wanted a copy of your book and didn’t have any money…yada, yada, yada…it would have been all to the good…just say something…but I got past that…

Later in the day I was starting to feel ‘me-ish’ again but had my annual doctor’s appointment, it was a new doctor, I was feeling chunky, had been eating way too many cruncher’s potato chips and bluebell ice cream…double damn…but off I went…when I got there my heart soared, my doctor was a young, female Black doctor…alright now…Dr. Kedra Williams was on top of her game…okay, okay, okay....then off the pharmacy, go there and two young sisters were the pharm techs manning, ummm wo-manning the window and the PharmacistD was another young sister…well double alright…I felt proud…then….
I drove home thinking, okay where are the young brothers…met a Dr. some nurses, medical assistants, pharmacy technicians and a PharmD…all sisters, what is up with that…and who will these ladies, date…marry…have children with? Shoot, I didn’t even want to feel all that…but I did…triple damn…talked to my man about it, he didn’t have any answers either…we prayed fervently…all we had to offer really…

By bed time I was feeling better…fortunately my butt is too heavy to be carrying around all the time…but sometimes I am just flesh and blood and feel as testy as the next woman…what I thank God for though is how resilient he has made me…there has been so many things that could have knocked me out the game but I refuse, just get up each day, thank God for my life, spruce up, paint my lips red and go out and do what needs to be done…