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Friday, February 15, 2008

What Is Up With That?

Yesterday I was home and when I am home on an unexpected day,
I read a lot of blogs,
Emails, etc.,
And yesterday, I had to ask myself, What Is Up With That?
There was a plethora of posts and conversations about feuds and percieved feuds,
Many were celebrity driven,
And those I blow off because we are only guessing,
About the whats, whys and wheretofores,
But around the blogosphere,
There were several posts about jealousy,
Lack of support,
In the world of literature,
And those always catch my eye,
But leave me stumped,
I am totally unable to wrap my mind around what's going on,
Because what I know as a reader,
Is that I will read whatever I choose to whenever I choose to and the only things,
Stopping me is whether I can purchase more books,
I feel intelligent enough to discern for myself what is a good book,
And if I want to read it or not...
I also feel that as diverse as we are there is room for all kinds of books,
As a writer,
The only person I compete with is Angelia,
My goal is to be the best writer I can be,
I don't even know how to label what I do,
So I call it what works for me,
My most recent book, Is No Not Clear Enough for You, I entitled Ageless Fiction,
My young readers call it Urban Christian,
My women readers are calling it Romance,
The elders are saying, 'It's about time...'
I am just grateful and pleased they are calling it....
Even though I say, 'What is Up',
The truth is I probably don't even want to know...
Because ignorance can truly be bliss,
And I live in a pretty nice neighborhood,
On a street called Oblivious...


Is No Not Clear Enough For You?