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Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Head up, Shoulders Straight!

Whenever I see someone, walking with their heads down, shoulders slumped,
I want to say what my grandma, always said to me,
‘Baby, head up, shoulders straight, face the world head on’
She said that to me because I was a tall girl and she wanted me to carry it proudly,
I thank her and love her for it,
This morning, however, I saw a woman in my office walk through the hallways,
Face down, shoulders slumped and I wanted to say the same thing to her,
Because in the message my grandma gave me, one thing I learned is that,
Head up and shoulders straight, makes for a better day, no matter what is going on in your life…
I suppose it is more a mindset and an attitude than anything else,
When I am going through something, and I have been through some thangs…trust,
I found that when I face it, stare it straight in the eye, pray and believe,
The best things come to fruition,
Because I am a true believer in the light at the end of the tunnel,
Triumph through the trials,
And that how you look at it, determines how you deal with it,
Also, if you want someone to talk to you about what is going on,
Talk to them, people tend to flee in the face of sadness,
Not because they don’t care, but, because oftentimes they are unsure what,
To do or to say…
So looking straight at them, head up and shoulders straight,
Might allow them to see you,
Because that attitude says here I am, this is me,
And that is good enough!

Love Ya!

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