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Wednesday, December 10, 2008

What You Get From It?

One thing we all know for sure is that in order to travel through this thing called LIFE,
We will go through some things…surely, you know that?
So it really isn’t a matter of if you will go through something, but when,
More importantly is what will you learn from it, if anything,
Because that is what trials are for, to teach us and reach us…
Sunday I sat down next to a beautiful sister in church, we serve together,
I knew who she was but didn’t really know her,
I knew she was a Breast Cancer Survivor and that is near and dear to my heart,
She introduced herself and I did as well,
She asked, ‘Are you that Angelia?’ I must have looked goofy, because she grinned saying, ‘The writer and the one who stops by the Pastor’s blog?’ Grinning back I said, ‘Umm Hmm that’s me.’ We chatted about a variety of things, mostly faith and books and she told me she was touched by my charities and support of Breast Cancer Research.
I told her about losing my mom and my open hand theory and how my mom’s death had changed me…made me vow to live and to give, fully…
She grinned again, such a beautiful, peaceful face…and said how her bout had changed her,
How the ‘Stuff’ that used to matter, like houses, cars and money had been reduced to it’s rightful place and how life, love and the spirit reigned supreme…she didn’t say it exactly like that but you all know I will play with words…anyway…nodding I concurred,
Because I remembered that day I stood at my mom’s grave, I told myself that no matter what life threw my way, I was going to stand on faith and do all the things that God had blessed me with the ability to do, and he has rained blessing on me, for real, for real…
There would be no more talking about it, but being about it…that is why I am not tripping about the economy or any other such thing, because what I know for sure, is that this is just another test, another trial and what will remain long after this has all passed is what we learned from it and how we took what we went through and made a difference in some small way…



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