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Friday, February 8, 2008

Work Like A Woman!

She Works Hard For Her Money, So Hard For it Honey....falalalala...

Sisters we be busy...
I tell you I don't know any women who aren't doing so many things at once,
Or maybe it's because I am too busy to see them!
A couple days ago at work, one of my friends walked into my office,
She wanted to tell me she had read my new book,
And since I always make time for that, I stopped to listen,
After several minutes she simply sat there,
So did I, it was so nice to exhale,
We talked about all we had going on...
Then she asked me the million dollar question,
"How do you do it all"...
I was immediately tired...
I told her about being organized, etc.
I also told her I take time for myself, pamper and reading days...
But having said all that, I knew it was true, I was working like a woman!
It feels like these days we aren't happy if we aren't mulitasking,
Racing off to the next great venture....
What up with that?
I don't know....
I have slowed down a bit this year,
I had to...
But still...
A few weeks ago, I was walking out of church with a couple of friends,
One turned to me saying,
"What do you do at home all day, now that your kids are grown?"
Before I could say anything or recover from the hysterical laughter bubbling from my throat,
The other started telling her all of my tasks,
At that point I had to sit down a minute...
She looked at me and said, 'Well she doesn't look like she works...'
Whatever the heck that meant!
Well work I do as does most women I know....