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Monday, August 3, 2009


Almost two years ago, I wrote a post about being emotional and unprepared,
And after a couple of encounters this morning I was going to repost it,
But I said, heck no, Mama Deep surely needs to touch on it,
But in a different way,
My young people I will have to say to you,
That emotional decisions will leave you unprepared,
Unprepared to live your best life and do what you are inherently talented enough to do,
Choosing a mate based strictly on emotions,
Is foolish,
You have to know who they are,
What they are about,
What they want out of life,
Can they be faithful,
Handle their money,
That is why the old folks used to always do complete background checks before,
They allowed their daughters and sons to hook up,
Being emotional with your money will leave you broke as hell,
Of course those designer jeans or shoes,
Will make you look as fly as all get out,
But you know what, placing that 100 dollars a month in a saving account,
Will net you about 1500 a year with interest and in ten years,
Well do the math,
You will be prepared,
And one more thing,
You have to know that once you make those emotional choices,
Falling for the sister with the round hips,
Or the brother with the wide shoulders,
Or bought those designer things with rent money,
That those are your choices,
And you will have to live with them,
So if your choices are EMOTIONAL,
Be PREPARED to deal with the consequences,
Take this for what it’s worth,