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Thursday, July 24, 2008


Last night, I watched CNNs Black in America,
And I had mixed feelings, nothing really new,
Because for those of us who stay abreast,
We already knew,
However, I did enjoy finding out about the young visionaries,
Such as Professor Fryar,
Controversial for sure,
But whatever works,
Moving on...
Many times I find myself feeling a bit disconnected from the larger AA,
Community, try as I might,
And God knows I try,
My life has taken me on so many wonderful paths,
With so many opportunities,
And experiences, sometimes it is difficult to stay really connected,
Many times it seems as though there is absolutely no frame of reference,
There are times when these feelings hit me, even amongst my family,
So what I try to do is to find some middle ground,
Something that is universally connective and focus on that,
That is also what drives me back to the 'hood' of things,
To try to reach the youngsters,
Because God knows that I could have taken a different path,
Been in a totally different place,
I am really RAMBLING, this morning,
With a simple need to SPEAK,
I have often been accused of trying too hard,
I 'on know if that is true or not,
But I simply feel I have to do something,
It reminds me of my ninth grade Geometry teacher, Ms. Clark,
She saw my petrified young face sitting in that sea of white eleventh graders,
So she kept her eye on me all year,
Helping me to stay on top of things,
I did,
And at the end of the year,
She wrote in my year book,
"Small things take you big Places..."
So that's what I try to do,
Small things,
Maybe it will help someone else go to big Places...