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Thursday, July 16, 2009


Almost two years ago I posted a blog about Failing Forward,
I got a lot of hits on that one,
The premise was that we will all fail,
For real, for real,
But what we have to do is fail forward,
Once we have accepted what has happened,
Accept our responsibility for it,
Had a drink or three,
Wallowed around,
Cussed, cried and complained,
We have to take the manure,
Use it as fertilizer,
Sprinkle all over some things,
So they can grow…
Accepting the fact that once we have hit our personal bottom,
There is nowhere to go but up,
But I am telling you right here,
You have got to get your head and your heart,
Not to mention your attitude
Because what you say is what you are,
If you spew forth negativity,
Blame everyone, even yourself,
You will get absolutely nowhere…
When I am feeling ‘woe is me’…
I allow myself my little pity party…
I might sit in the house all day,
Watching movies,
Having a glass or three…or a bottle…
Of wine…
Go to bed early…
Then the next morning,
The one thing I know for sure is that I have to,
Dust my fat…(my man says phat) butt…
Off and get back in the game,
Because there are things to do,
People to reach,
And life to live,
So put in efforts every day,
To do those things you need to do,
Even if you don’t want to do them,
Because fail we will,
But fail forward we must…