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Monday, October 19, 2009


Yesterday a question was posed on FB,
The Question being; ‘Why were so many successful, got-it-going on Black women,
Single or divorced?
I loved reading the answers,
And there were a plethora of answers,
That there were no ‘good’ men,
Or that men were ‘intimidated’ by women who had too much,
And the brothers weighed in with,
Women didn’t want to do ‘traditional’ things anymore,
And I was so fascinated by this,
I threw one out there that didn’t get a response,
The sheer lack of men to women,
For every heterosexual brother,
There are six heterosexual sisters,
Which makes the pickings mighty slim,
By that same token I must say that this weekend I saw more,
Black female and white male couples than I had ever seen,
One at lunch,
Another at wal-mart,
And three or four at church,
So I guess some changes are afoot,
But that is not the intent of this post,
First to the ‘Good’ man thing,
There are a plethora of good men that are getting overlooked,
Mostly because the criteria is so narrow,
He has to earn more,
Be as educated,
Be taller,
Have a nicer car, et al.
This Black woman earning more than Black men,
Isn’t a new thing,
I can remember every school teacher, nurse and secretary I knew growing up.
Earned more than her man that was a laborer, butcher or janitor,
But you know what they didn’t talk about it,
She allowed him to pay for what he could and they QUIETLY handled their business,
That wasn’t an issue,
Or not one for public debate,
There might be some merit to that,
But, surely I don’t know,
Then there is men being intimidated,
I know this is probably true,
Because egads,
Sister have got it going on,
And we can’t wait to tell everyone who will listen,
As such, many men feel they aren’t trying to compete with all that,
For a plethora of reasons,
There are those confident men,
Who know that to have a got it going on woman,
Is all good,
And it isn’t about what she has or he has but,
About what they can have,
And then the six to one thing,
All I am saying is that sisters just may have to stretch their boundaries and make the criteria for good men,
Loving men, honest men, men who love God and love them,
And they are out there,
And I haven’t forgotten the traditional thing,
I was just biding my time,
Sisters it is absolutely okay to cook a meal for you man,
Regardless of what your friends say,
That is your man and if you know he likes,
A ribeye and potatoes and salad,
Cook it for him erry now and then,
Then erry now and then he can cook something for you,
And take you somewhere nice,
Now don’t listen to me,
I don’t know much,
Other than that I have been married to a very ‘GOOD’ man for,
Over thirty years and one thing I know for sure,
Is all we got is OURS,
That if I take care of this,
He will take care of that…

You feel Me!