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Monday, October 20, 2008

When to Hold and When to Fold...

Knowing when to stay and when to go is a blessing,
As I drove in this morning I was running a list of things in my head,
That I’d had to hang in there on and on others I’d had to pray about and let go,
I thought back over three years, my husband and I had joined a new group,
And a few weeks in they were looking for someone to head something,
And I raised my hand, to this very day, I am unsure why, didn’t really want to,
And they didn’t know me from a can of paint but there I was with my hand in the air,
And immediately I knew it was a bad fit for me, the timing was all off,
For several months it went well, I was hitting my marks, but it soon got a bit funky,
I felt I was being micro-managed, and as a person who had been autonomous for so long,
It felt claustrophobic, so after limping along for a few more months, I resigned,
It seemed that everyone expected me not to show up again,
But I went to every meeting, participated in all the events, because what I knew as that,
While I could not do what I had been doing, I could serve, for the greater good, because,
It was not about me, today it is one of my favorite places, I just had to figure out where I was best suited,
About a year ago there was major upheaval in my church, it left me saddened and spiritually bereft, but at that time I knew that I had to hang in there, because church isn’t about people, it’s about God and the message and when we get through, we get over,
Nowadays I can’t wait to get to church, though those months were hard ones,
I am so glad and grateful that once again, I realized it wasn’t about me,
On the other hand, I had to learn that some things are good, only while they are good,
And when they stop being good, it is time to move on, because sometimes hanging in there is detrimental to the hanger and the hangees, and even in this situation one has to realize is it about the greater good, even if it is personally painful, besides, pain is growth…


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