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Wednesday, July 15, 2009


This morning as I was driving across the bridge I was thinking;
‘If this bridge suddenly weren’t here, there are a couple of routes I could take…’
At the same time, however, I knew that I wouldn’t enjoy those others as much,
Main Street is just buildings…and…flotsam,
I-95 is well, I-95,
But crossing that bridge is peaceful,
The moon and stars are still out when I leave home,
And the lights are twinkling and the St. Johns River is barely moving down below,
I love it…
And that led me to what I chose to write about today…
Burning Bridges,
Metaphorically, of course…
I have always been careful of ending things,
By burning a bridge,
When I am done with a job,
I give a notice, leave with my rep intact,
Trying to insure that if the bottom ever falls out,
That I can potentially go back,
Or at a minimum, get a good reference…
Because one just never knows,
I am even more cautious with my relationships,
I remove myself carefully and gradually from entanglements,
That aren’t working for me because it is best to make sure it is someone,
You are done with or won’t ever need again…
Again, you just never know,
Now there are a couple of bridges,
I have taken a torch to,
Walked up to it with a flame in my hand,
And stood there watching it burn to the ground,
Sink into the deep,
But believe you me,
I had given it much thought,
Engaged in mad prayer and made sure,
That I was done,
Knowing that if even it were my last bridge,
I would take my chances,
In the swim…
Because sometimes,
Every now and then you have to know when to have,
A burnt bridge party,
Because a ragged,
Falling apart bridge,
Is like having no bridge at all….