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Thursday, March 12, 2009

Why Not Me?

Have you ever found yourself in a situation where all you could do was ask or cry out,
“Why Me…”
Of course you have, we all have…
Someone has done us wrong,
We feel no one understands, there is nowhere to turn,
Someone else got the best piece of chicken,
You know what I’m saying…
Well, the question we might have to ask ourselves is this,
“Why not me?”
Yes, I said it…
Why not me, none of us, not a one is exempt from stuff,
I learned this real early,
I was about twelve or thirteen,
And was going through some thangs,
That had nothing to do with me,
I was a child in circumstances beyond my control,
And some days, I would walk around in a funk,
Or sit in the library for hours, reading about a different life,
Feeling ‘Woe is Me’ and asking why,
Well one day I made the decision to voice that to my godmother,
Who at the time was in her early seventies, (she lived to be 102),
And she had been through some things, oh yeah,
She had conceived a child by a white man at fourteen,
And she had been run out of Alabama,
And that was the least of what she had seen in her life,
Anyway she turned to me and said,
‘Why not you…’
With trembling lips, I looked at her like she was nuts!
And she brought it to me,
She told me,
‘Sweetie, you had better learn right now that you are not exempt from anything,
And you should consider it a blessing that God would let you go through so much, so young, that is only his way of preparing you for a wonderful life, he is testing you to see how well you deal with the bad stuff, so he can overwhelm you with the good stuff…’
Well, honey, she said a mouthful, though I wasn’t totally sold yet,
Seeing that she added,
“There are some of us who are chosen to bear a great deal, so we can sow a great deal,
Just wait and see, God has something for you and he is trusting you with the hard stuff, so you will be prepared for the good stuff…”
She was as right as rain,
Through the years, I have learned that going through is a part of the process,
Of getting over and that whatever I have to deal with is a part of making me diamond-like, strong, lasting and grateful…
As such over the years I have learned to not question it, asking,
‘Why me…’
Especially since I don’t ask that when I am reaping the rewards!’
I just say,
“Why not me…” when it’s rough,
“Why not me…” when it’s golden!

For real, For Real,