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Thursday, January 22, 2009


Last night, sitting in church, I heard my Pastor say, ‘Experience is not the best teacher…’ and I had to chuckle,
That has always been my motto,
‘You don’t have to go through everything, personally, to learn from it’…
My best lessons have been from watching and paying attention,
Watching people not handle their money wisely, not paying their bills and moving from pillar to post,
Made me know, I didn’t want any part of that,
So from the time I had a job, I saved a bit, paid my bills on time and filled my refrigerator,
Even if I didn’t have money for fun stuff…
I can remember as a young girl, I spent three years in what would be considered a less than good neighborhood, I saw people doing all kinds of things,
But I knew that I didn’t want any of that on me,
And though my mom was firm and strict,
It was ultimately on me to decide,
Because I had lots of time on my hands and was allowed to go and come,
Fortunately I mostly came and went to the library, movies, and my godmother or grandmothers, but I could have gone some places,
Guess mama trusted me…
The same thing was true in my high school years, when everyone was singing the praises of free love, I knew that nothing in life was free, not even free lunch, that a price was attached to everything…
And it was important to me, even then that whatever rep, I had was of my own doing,
Good, bad, or indifferent…
So while experience is a teacher, for real, for real,
Some things can be, and probably should be learned from a distance!
Hey, but that’s just me RAMBLING,
Speaking of Rambling, RAMBLINGS: VOLUME I, will soon be on sale for 7.95!
Yes! Thank Gwyneth, Shelia, Yasmin and all who suggested my blog should be in book form!

Love and Blessings,
Angelia, Write or Die Woman!!