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Thursday, November 29, 2007

Fear Factor

No you arent going to see any amazing stunts or death defying tricks,
That's not the kind of fear I'm going to talk about today,
I want to talk about the fear that stops us from being our best selves,
Or the fear of others that can stop us,
First off, I want to thank my mama for being a fearless woman,
Who raised my sister and I to be fearless,
Many people comment on how independent we always were,
Even as young women, when we would take of and do what we needed to do,
Or an many cases wanted to do,
Now, I will not stand here and tell you, I'm never afraid,
That would be a lie,
What I will tell you is that hands down,
I don't allow my fear to stop me or deblitate me,
I embrace that thing and make my fear work for me...
Head high, shoulders square, prayer on my lips and in my heart...
And I absolutely refuse to allow anyone else's fear to get in my way either,
And there are a great many frightened people,
I see so many, who have amazing talents and gifts to share and they are so bound, and ground by fear,
They can't move,
The fear of failure,
Well baby, let me tell you, you will fail, but as I have said on this panel, right here, just fail forward and see it as a learning curve...
Then there is the fear of success,
Fear because as we all know once we do it, it becomes an old thing,
And we have to go out and do something else,
And other folks fears, mama, daddy, sister, brother and them...
Those come from people in your life who for whatever reason,
Haven't tapped into their own potentional and is paralyzed by their fear,
That someone else might do what they have been unable to do,
Please don't allow that to stop you,
When someone says, "You are gettting so brand new."
Smile, thank them, while saying, "My goal is always to renew..."
I know this is so cliche, but there truly is nothing, "To Fear but Fear Itself"