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Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Did You Feel It?

I love and value those in my life who give it to me straight, who make me feel it…
My Pastor is like that, he expositorily teaches what is in the Word, and if sometimes,
We go ouch, then all the better, I love it when I am riding home after church,
Thinking of the many ways I can be better, even when the truth has hurt,
There are also a handful of people I go to when I want it real,
My husband, my youngest son, my friend Nicole,
They love me madly but when I need it, they bring it…hard…
As such when blogging or writing, my goal is always to tell the truth,
As I know it, because that is the only truth I have,
I can always tell when someone has felt something I have written, whether positively.
Or otherwise, and they don’t have to say it, I can sense it, and that’s cool,
Because sometimes we have to feel it,
Just the other day, a woman much older than I read, Is NO Not Clear Enough For You?
When she bought the book, I didn’t even realize how much she looked like the grandmother in my book, small, very light complexion, a bit haughty appearing,
Anyway, she came to me saying;
“You are very observant, reading your book, made me see myself, my children, my grandchildren and at times I didn’t like what I saw…but I learned something.” My heart turned over because a few months earlier an elder had taken me to task for not being kind to the grandmother. It was at that moment that I realized the woman sitting next to me was the spitting image of Pearl Green in my book. I was really touched then, realizing that as a writer, my biggest responsibility is to bring it as God gives it to me…and to be able to deal with the fact that everyone will not take the same thing from it,
As I have said on more than a few occasions, everything isn’t for everybody, and the universe offers enough choices for all of us….all I try to do is do my little bit, in the only way I know how, as honestly as I can and to try to grow even when there are growing pains….


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