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Monday, November 10, 2008

Too Much Information...

There is an amazing exchange of superflous information,
People simply tell too much stuff,
This morning I was having a conversation with a co-worker,
And he felt the need to say, that no one knows his views on certain things,
Politics for instance,
My eyebrow must have been etched really high, because his face colored and he asked if,
People thought they knew,
I told him honestly, 'Uh yeah, you have expoused certain phillosphies, and it is pretty clear,
When talking to you, what side you line up on, his face colored again ( a dead giveaway )
He tried to laugh it off, but it was pretty clear from the fact that he revisited the conversation,
With me a couple of times, I was on to something,
The message inherent in this is, Please don't sit around talking about, arguing about, kvetching about a thing, then act all shocked and outraged when someone sees you that way,
First impressions are lasting, and hard to change, unless they are good ones,
I tell the young people in my life all the time,
It is so easy to mess up a good rep,
But doggone near impossilbe to change a bad one,
People have to almost relocate in order for others to accept changes,
It is as unfair as heck, but as real as rain,
So, the easiest thing to do, I assure you,
Is to only put out there what you want people to know,
Keep quiet about what is dear to you,
Now you certainly don't have to listen to me,
But, if you don't want to be misjudged or thought different than you are,
Control your brand,
And don't put it all out there like that,
There are times when it is simply too much information,

This is another FREEBIE!


Careful Navigation...

My ability to navigate, carefully through life has been one of the biggest gifts,
God has blessed me with,
I have the ability to get along with anyone,
Because it really doesn’t take that much, just a smile, a bit of kindness,
And most importantly, knowing when to stay mum, keep one’s mouth closed…
I also know when a situation or a thing is wrong for me and I can gracefully extract myself from it, exiting with as much grace as possible…
Yesterday, I was in the restroom at church between services and one woman was telling
Another woman about my writing, she was unaware I was there,
My heart surged and soared because that is how I want and need it to happen,
I can and do advertise my work, but not at work or church,
What I have tried to do is write my books,
And allow those who read and love them to spread the word to the masses,
I am sure some find this as a weird marketing practice,
And it probably is for some,
However, I made a calculated decision to navigate slowly, through this writing thing,
Making enough to allow me to do the next one better…
Until I arrived at the stories I truly wanted to tell, in the way I wanted to tell them,
I held myself back, just enough to be able to do that,
And to stand in a rest room and hear someone say,
‘You know that young woman (young!) who sits in the middle aisle, the tall one, with,
The curly hair,the kinda quiet one, well, she is a writer and a good one, too, you should get her books!” Woo, that made me smile and my heart thud. The ladies in the restroom turned around looking at me, the description I guess was a good one…saying,
“We didn’t know!”
I winked as I left, with orders, thinking, ‘You know when you know!”

Love and Blessings!

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