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Tuesday, November 6, 2007

It's Calling...

Last week I was driving back from lunch,
All I wanted to focus on was my Jerk chicken and Acai tea,
But as is the case almost daily, my calling intervened,
Everyone knows how I feel about my girls,
Just wrote a book honoring them,
I know the little I do is not enough,
And that my calling is to do more,
I have a plan that is in full action,
I was driving along and there was this group of young people,
Strolling along, they were near DANIEL, an organization that is about the empowerment of adolescents,'
There were probably twenty kids and a few of the workers,
This one girl was in my line of vision,
Short, ebony, lovely and walking sassily,
Already knew at fifteen or so that her body was something to behold,
Behind her was several young men,
Calling out to her,
Ahead was several other students,
She walked alone, rolling her hips,
I slowed down, never taking my eyes off her,
She looked at me, then looked again,
Something in my eye told her I was watching her,
Almost immediately her stroll changed,
Her roll slowed,
She knew that I knew...
I didn't stop that day...
But I knew right then the day was coming,
Because I am past the time when I can deny my calling,
Or compartmentalize it into weekly conversations,
My young sisters need me...

Love and Blessings,
Available December 1, 2007