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Thursday, October 15, 2009


Change is inevitable,
The more things change, yada yada…
We have all heard the spiel,
But when it comes to changing human beings,
The only things we can change is ourselves,
If you marry someone that is one way,
And you expectation is the change them,
You won’t be able to,
I’m not saying they won’t ever change,
Because people do,
But the change will come from God and themselves,
Not from any power you have over them,
The same is true for your children,
You raise them,
Pray for them and discipline them,
But the bottom line truth,
Is they are going to be who they are,
And crying,
Spoiling or not spoiling will not change them,
Growing up and discovering for themselves is what makes the change,
Okay and this is going to hurt, like the dickens,
Some people NEVER change,
Because you have a problem with them,
Does not mean they have a problem with themselves,
And then there is the greater world,
On jobs,
The reality is this,
There are sexists,
And the like,
And those you can’t change either,
There are laws that will make them at a minimum,
If not change,
Then change their behavior or take their madness elsewhere,
Because in this instance,
You might not be able to change ‘em,
But you damn sure don’t have to put up with that,
But the greatest place to enact change,
Is within oneself,
I am in constant evolution,
Every single day I focus on something about me that needs fixing,
And I pray fervently and ask God to better that thing in me,
Sometimes I change,
And other times I don’t,
Because there are things about us,
That God is absolutely pleased with and would like for us to continue to be,
So if there is any message in this,
It would have to be this,
We can change only ourselves,
But if the people we have to coexist with,
Aren’t good for us,
We might have to change our circumstances,
But we will not change them,
It is not our jobs,
And there is too much else to be done!