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Thursday, November 13, 2008

Simple Conversing...

This morning my supervisor and I had our bi-monthly chat,
Usually he and I speak in the morning, say a couple words, he goes his way,
I go mine, we rarely if ever discuss work, he knows I can do what I am paid to do,
And his philosophy is ‘He hires the best so why tell ‘em how to do it’…I like that,
However, every now and then he will stop in my door to talk about something,
Usually its sports, I am a sports nut, as is he and I think he is surprised by how much,
I know about sports…anyway,
So we started out talking college football, segueing to pro ball,
We then talked investments, mortgages and the economy and retirement,
As usual we were in agreement on most basic things,
Hard work, education, responsibility,
As he prepared to leave, he turned back to ask,
‘Did you ever think we would have a Black President?’ His face was a vivid red…
“No, not in my life time.”
He smiled wide, admitting, neither had he.
Then this really genuine light came on in his eyes, betraying, how genuinely pleased,
He is…that touched me, because it further confirmed for me that what has transpired,
In the past week or too, transcends so many things,
Race, politics and differences,
We laughed a bit about the ‘Reverse Bradley Effect’, meaning how many,
White people probably told their friends they weren’t voting for Obama,
But did, we got a good chuckle out of that, then he said,
“Have a good day.”
I know it will probably be right before Christmas before we chat again,
But it is all good…
There is work to be done…


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