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Friday, June 5, 2009

Love Don't Love Nobody...

'It takes a fool to learn that love don't love nobody...'

I can remember years ago hearing Luther sing those words and thinking,
'Now that is the truth...' Love is the most wonderful thing we have going,
But love alone don't love takes so much more than that,
When I talk to young people and they tell me how in love they are with Tyrone...or Shanieka, I always ask, 'What else do you have in common...'
They alway look at me as though I am crazy...and as if though I can't remember a thing about love....well I quickly disabuse them of that notion...
I know LOVE, yes indeed I do,
But I know love has to still be there when you don't look as good,
In your tight jeans, or he isn't quite as fine in that tank top as he once was,
It has to be there when someone loses a job,
Or when the kids are acting up,
Or when you don't want to be bothered with anyone and your butt is on your shoulder...
Or when he wants to hang out with his boys, and he gets home way later than,
You feel is appropriate...
People alway look at me like I am nutso, when they find out I am married to a man, I dated in high school....broke up with for years...then got together and married...
I told them that as unusual as that may sound to them,
That is a part of what makes us work...
We knew each other,
He knew more about me than how I looked,
I knew more about him than the sweet nothings he whispered in my ears,
We knew each others history...
I knew his people, he knew mine,
And most importantly before we jumped the broom,
We had discussed things like raising kids,
Plans and goals for the future...
Because though we were mere babes...
We both knew that we needed more than love to carry us through,
And to sustain us...especially when we were feeling...
That Love Don't Love Nobody....
Have a Great Weekend...