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Thursday, November 8, 2007

On the Precipice...

The first definition for precipice in Webster is; a very steep or hanging place or on the brink...
And that is where I am, have been there before, am there again,
With my writing and my new book, I am at a very steep and hanging place and on the brink of doing what I came into this writing game to do...
Why did it take five books?
It was supposed to...
Why was I so hard headed when people told me what to do,
Because I knew it wasn't time yet,
And that the slow and steady stays in the race until the end,
And is not breathless when they get there,
My best thinking is at five-thirty in the morning as I drive across the bridge,
It is dark and the St. Johns River is peaceful, and the stars and lights are twinkling,
This morning I thought about all of the absolutely amazing things that happened around me in the past month,
With no real effort on my part, other than to have written books that made people talk, think, laugh, get mad and wonder...
The support, the wonderful people, new and unexpected readers... has been awesome,
And is what has propelled me to the precipice,
So I am going to pray, let go and jump!!!

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